Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Acoustic Folk & a sampling of Latin Groove

Unlike in past years, I have become a bit of a fair-weather busker and have not been out as much in the off-summer season as in previous years. Recently however, I have been spending quite a bit of time wandering around the downtown area checking out the busking scene on the streets of Victoria.

Not very nice weather for busking this past weekend, but I took my video camera anyway, just to see if there might be some musicians brave enough to take their tunes to the street.

Saturday was a very blustery day, and pretty much a bust for finding any buskers. I headed out again on Sunday and the wind had died down somewhat, although there was still a bit of a chill in the air. Not great for keeping the fingers warm, but that did not stop the two musicians that I came across playing along Government Street, both of whom I interviewed and filmed.

The first video is of Dustin Enns who plays guitar, harmonica and sings. He’s been busking for about nine years on and off, mostly in the Okanagan, for a time in Brisbane AU, and more recently here in Victoria. In this video he sings one of his own songs, a tune called Island Moon.

The second video is not acoustic (there, I finally broke the first rule of my blog), but, I really like the latin groove that Paul Derita, was laying down with his electric guitar, looper and f/x boxes. And, I might add, very tastefully amplified, not obtrusive, and very enjoyable.

Until the next post, enjoy!