Saturday, January 12, 2013

Old-Timey Folk Music on the City Streets

Last February, I was wandering down Government Street when I heard the strains of fiddle and banjo wafting up the the street. As I approached the source of the music, I came across a trio of street musicians playing some old-timey, backwoods mountain folk and bluegrass tunes outside the Bay Centre.

The three musicians, Jackson Allan (fiddle), Travis Smith (banjo, vocals), and Thom Hess (guitar, vocals) all live on Pender Island and they occasionally make the trip into Victoria to do some busking.

Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me the first time I saw them, but was able to film the guys a few days later when they were busking again outside the Eddie Bauer store.

I had forgotten about the footage until I ran into Travis busking a few months back, and made mention of it, but, it found its way onto my creative back-burner again. I crossed paths with Travis again a couple of days ago, and was reminded that I still hadn’t finished editing the footage, but, I promised him that I would get to it this week. I am glad to say that it is finally done.

Unfortunately, as the wind wasn’t very co-operative when I was filming, the sound quality is not the greatest, but still, the musical energy was there, and in the end I managed to have some fun with the editing process. 

Jackson and Thom also play in a 5-piece old-time folk band called The Pesky Alders. You can get more info and check out their music at their website.

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